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VIC Pro Super Plugin
VIC Pro Super Plugin
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WebD TimeSync Manager Plugin!
“Why do I need the WebD TimeSync Manager Plugin?”
Here’s Why: Server Time-Sync

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After lots of experience with content posting software, including both ICC Pro and VIC Pro, we have discovered that even though a post can be scheduled to publish immediately, it may not be published immediately due to the fact that your server may be on a different time zone. For example, you are in New York and your computer’s time runs on EST, but your blog’s web server is in Seattle and runs on Pacific time (3 hours behind). Even though your software instructs your server to post immediately, the only reference it has is its local time, and the same goes for the server (your computer thinks it’s 12pm and your server thinks it’s only 9am. So your server waits until 12pm to post).

So your post ends up being scheduled to be published at a different time than you wish. There is always the workaround of setting the post date to one day earlier — set it to yesterday’s date. However, that can make your post show up underneath other, more recently dated posts not only on your system, but on other systems like Google’s index — and we don’t want that because you can lose juice from your posts if Google senses that you are pre-dating or post-dating your blog posts.

The other problem is that if your post doesn’t get published right away, it defeats the benefits of the social bookmarking with Facebook and Twitter — in fact our software is programmed not to allow you to bookmark a post that doesn’t exist (because it’s set in the future from the server’s time). Since VIC Pro does all the bookmarking in real time, there is no scheduling function for the bookmarking, so it may or may not work if your software does not have Server Time-Sync!

So the answer is to get Server Time-Sync with the WebD TimeSync Manager Plugin. This plugin allows VIC Pro to “shake hands” with whatever blog the plugin is installed upon to sync the server time with your software, so you will never have the problem of your posts being just “scheduled” and not “published” when you want them to be. Also this will ensure that you’ll be able to get the most effective use out of the social bookmarking capabilities of VIC Pro as well!