Fan Page Image “Crop Magic” Software

Hi [wlm_firstname]

When putting up your fan Pages, you need images to make them look good!  Viral Image Curator will find a perfect image and save it for you in a heartbeat.  But you need your images cropped to the right “template” sizes for the various fan page images.

With this bonus, you can quickly use Viral Image Curator to find a perfect image for your Fan Page, then use this bonus to spit out the images cropped to exactly he right size for easy uploading into a beautiful looking page that visitors will love to Like!

You’ll have a beautiful, graphic-rich fan page up in literally a matter of minutes!

[order_box_2 width=”60%” + border=”4px”]This is a top quality product that we’ve been allowed to give you as a bonus by the software’s creator Shelle Kind.  This is her own product which she is selling right now!  So we’re greatly privileged she has allows us to offer this to you free of charge.  Please click on the link below to go through to Shelle’s site and access this great too which compliments VICPro so well! [/order_box_2]

Click here to Access!

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